Brand Yourself: Change your look!

How you look + How you Speak + How You Act = Your Personal Brand

The aim of this blog is to inspire you and encourage you to take risks while at work. Your identity is what makes you Unique! “Be so good they can’t ignore you” says Steve Martin.

Creativity has many shapes and forms. Let us apply it to ‘Story Telling’ in this blog and you may be surprised to know that it has power to hypnotize the listeners. Really hypnotize? Not literally but illusory. Bringing Creativity to your skills hones it to an extent that it becomes the uniqueness which you possess. That is what an entry point is for ‘Branding Yourself’.

Meet Someone who possess the caliber to explore himSelf!

Chandigarh based theater artist Prashant Mehra, an Actor, Director, Stage Manager, Light Designer, and Lyricist has always been an inspiration for those who never fear to take risks in life, especially their work life. This blog is about him and his constant dedication to work and passion which has yielded him with a decent Market value. He believes in the fact that in this era of Brands, You are a brand in yourself; All you need is a Brand Management strategy.

This friend of mine, Prashant has acted in more than 200 street performances and 76 stage performances in past 5 years at various place across India including NSD in Delhi, Lal-Chowk in Kashmir, and in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. He has managed to change his appearance for every role he got. I can call this as his strategy for his market value. Let’s look at few of them and get an idea about his dedication.

Untitled design (2)

These pictures are clearly revealing a lot about his passion towards his work. From gaining weight to growing hair, your work can demand anything. You just need to understand that this digital world is seeking creativity and consistency. He has been consistent with his hard work and this has paid him too. His recent music video “Naalyak- Haan Pyaar hai” is out and has gained a lot of appreciation.

Even you have the chance and caliber to promote your own self as a Brand. Go ahead, find your ways!


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