‘Talking Smart Trash Bin’ for Solid Waste Management

The menace of Garbage disposal in India with the production of 1, 00,000 metric tons of solid waste every day is a hindrance to the ‘Swachh Bharat’ mission of Government of India. Finding a ‘smart’ solution to the real-time waste management system, Lovelash Dutt from Kaithal, Haryana, India has designed a waste infrastructure- ‘Talking Smart Trash Bin’ that can monitor waste level and sense motion and has a audio amplifier which supports more than 100 globally accepted languages with ear-catching salutations like ‘Hello’, ‘Use me’ and ‘Take the Trash out’ which will drive the zeal of people for using the bins.  The innovation has been credited with a patent to his already registered company ‘Innovative Robot King’ under CU Technology Business Incubator.

The solar panel embedded e-dustbin is equipped with a sonar sensor which works on echo and has a microcontroller fitted to it. The sensor based motion detectors enables its flap to opens up and closes automatically. “The solar powered environment friendly battery attached to it has a 24 hours life which can be charged with a mobile adaptor as well as power banks for just 20 minutes and can be used without a halt.” said Lovelash, who has always disliked the idea of throwing garbage at any random place and came up with this innovation with an investment of Rs. 4000 only. The environment friendly dustbins are to be sold at a price of Rs. 1500 and can be installed at various locations like Railway stations, roadside, educational institutes, hospitals, cinema halls and other public places.

Lovelash is currently working on updating the current model by inserting IOT (Internet of Things) Technology so as to enable the garbage collecting authorities to map the location of the bin and empty it on time. “There is no need to install brand new dustbins if you prefer to go green, you can just attach an IOT Bin system to the old dustbins which I will be developing very soon and can convert the traditional bins to smart bins”, informed Lovelash who has already received more than 55 orders for his socially beneficial development from his friends, family and teachers.

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