“India is a world leader in bringing Technological Enhancements” says, the youngest IBM Watson Coder,Tanmay Bakshi

Scaling up tasks which computers can’t perform, India is a leader in educating youth by bringing the next-gen Technology involving Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine learning(ML) which has evolved the technological processes in a way that it has added wings to the human race resulting in the replication of human mind by intelligent machines. This was stated by youngest IBM Watson Programmer since the age of 12 , cognitive developer and a Ted-x speaker, Tanmay Bakshi, on his mission to prepare 1 lack aspiring coders world-wide. Tanmay has been known for being an icon for the youth to follow their passion and congratulated him on completing a mark of teaching 9,800 coders.

While in conversation about the physical and mental ailments which is a serious threat to the growth of an individual and a country as a whole, Tanmay said, “The menace like teen-depression, drug dependence, suicides and hearing disorder needs utmost and timely assistance but doctors are not omnipresent especially in the rural areas thus, machines can be functional medium in storing part history of the patient and can be a boon in the health-care field which already possess a lot of data that can be a feed to the machines which can result in coming up with better precautionary measures”.

While abandoning the thought that Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning is disruptive and is taking away human jobs, 15-year old Tech explorer encouraged the students to get a hold of this technological enhancement for improving the work efficiency by replacing redundant task and realizing the fact that the unstructured data especially the social media explosive day by day data needs a bridge for an efficient analysis. “Robots have no conception of human creativity or imagination; they can only give an output which they are configured to perform unlike humans who are born innovators and are the brain behind developing the machine and their language” global good-will ambassador for LinkedIn, Tanmay shared his views with us.  Mentioning the scope of AI and ML in almost all the fields ranging from entertainment to education, Tanmay shared his projects related to personalize education, Project “cognitive “which are based on machine learning and are bridging the gaps in the field of technology.

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