5 Secrets of Bigg Boss House

The Reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ has become the latest fad among the viewers. Each household comprises of someone who is stuck on the ‘Voot’ app or the TV Screens are occupied between 9-10 pm every day.  If you are someone who is relatable to this, then you can surely imagine what I am talking about. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) has become the FOMBB (Fear of missing Bigg Boss) which has resulted in people waiting for the clock to reach 9. Now, here I will be sharing with you 5 secrets of Bigg Boss which you might have skipped while you were too much involved watching the daily fights and tasks performed.

Secret 1

The Blind-fold entry: For the first entry which the contestants make to the Bigg Boss house they are blind-folded because of the format of the show which doesn’t let them see even the crew members.

Secret 2

Living in Isolation: Once they are inside the house there is no scope of connecting to the outside world but they may ask for important things like medicines, clothes and the production team then convey their messages to their families. Before handing over the belongings to the contestant a thorough check is done.

Secret 3

Time Flies: There is no Clock inside the BB house which sometimes leads to contestants sipping their lunch at evenings.

Secret 4

No Saturday-Saturday: there is no scope of consuming alcohol in the BB House. The Contestants may puff a cigarette at times when they feel like but they have to do it alone. This is never telecast on air.

Secret 5

The Penalty: If the contestants by any chance leave the show midway then they have to pay hefty amount of money as a penalty. That is the reason of contestants often wanting to leave the show but still you will find them staying back at the home.

Who is Your Favorite Contestant for the Bigg Boss Season 12?

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