‘QueenBelt’- Groundbreaking Innovation by Indian Students

Not everyone has the courage to take up an initiative with a mission to contribute in solving the problems prevalent in the society but luck favours the brave.3 students from punjab region, India have come up with a startup named as Arbad Electronics under which 4 products have been launched till now build  on the idea of  safety and security. Rape, which is the 4th common crime against women has been addressed in one of their product called ‘Queenbelt’ which is a Rape prevention safety belt with a 100% detection rate, an innovation solely devoted to women safety. The  sim based technique which works on GPS and circuit breaker is capable of making automated distress calls to 3 registered numbers including the nearest police station in case there is any possibility of a mishap.


The 19 year old Lalita Thakur, Marketer of Arbad Electronics represented India after getting selected in the top 10 startups for a women-led two-week Transnational Boot Camp organised in Canada by AICTE. “If India can become Polio free then it can also attain the status of a Rape free country” said Lalita.


The idea for innovating such device clicked the trio when they focused on the repeatedly reported cases of rape victims. They claim that the belt will be sold at the manufacturing cost only with no profit if the Indian Government licenses it. Till now there has been an investment of 3.5 lakhs in 3D printing, PCB design, custom design, working, testing and R&D and they have already got 1000 piece orders from a Bangalore based company. They are currently in a process of developing application for the same product.


“Even though we belong to Computer science department we have managed to learn and innovate things which require the knowledge of electronics.” Sushil Kumar from Firozpur, Punjab.


When asked about the relevance of the name for their startup Javtesh Singh, one of the member from Muktsar, punjab said, “Arbad is a Punjabi word which means infinite which implies that there are infinite possibilities of starting a venture through which we can impact billions of lives.”


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