Which religion do you follow?

You might have come across diverse religions. Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism being few of them. Do you ever wonder why all of them have the same letters “ism”. Dictionary says that the combination of these three letters comes out to be “ism” which means ‘a way of life’ or philosophy or an ideology. I don’t believe in any religion rather i am a firm believer of humanism. Are you too?


Every religion has been bounded with books, icons and symbols.But, if you take a deeper look into each one of them then you may find some commonalities. For example; the letters ‘ism’ are common in all the religions. Can we say that the way of life or the philosophy is similar for each one of them. Even atheism has that ‘ism’ in it. Does that mean that an atheist has his own religion? . Is atheism is also a religion? Yes, of course! That is the reason Indian Constitution doesn’t have any national religion.


Recall some past and you will come across Akbar who created his own religion Dīn-i Ilāhī (“Religion of God”). Anyone and everyone has the authority to follow his/her own religion without disturbing someone else’s religion. So i have come across one religion which inspires you to be true, selfless, happy, motivated, kind, energetic, optimistic and showers all the blessings on you. Can you tell me which religion that might be? Let’s see who guesses it right.

This article has been written by Phalak Betab (Content Writer at Chandigarh University). You may contact her here.

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