There is a Ravana inside us!


Many Ravana’s figurines will be burning today and many will be worshipped. Yes, that is true Ravana is worshipped in few parts of India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. There are so many beliefs and yet only very few people know about this fact which I will be telling you in this blog.

Interesting fact

The tallest Ravana is gaining attention from past few years. Ravana’s statute marks the victory of good over evil.  Haryana state’s small-town Barara celebrates this occasion with a Limca Book of records entry in 2011. They are the ones who are the makers of the tallest Ravana in the country, leaving behind all other dwarf Ravana figures. The height of the statue was 185 ft. and with each passing year, they try to increase it. This year Barara town will not be witnessing the same. The burning for the tallest Ravana will be held in Panchkula, Haryana, India.

TheTruth; Behind the scenes

The state spent around 15lakh on this project. I wonder why they are so keen to promote pollution. It’s not an attack on the environment only but also the money. What do you think where this money comes from?

In a way, if you are a Ram devotee, you should not at all burn Ravana figure. Rather,  you should burn the evil inside you. The reason is simple, Ravana is doing his work. He has occupied a place in each one of us. He has managed to degrade our environment while he burns. He is polluting our mind and our body. He is taking us away from the realities and has tied us to the materialistic world. Stop Ravana from stealing the show! Let him stay alone, don’t give him attention and remain busy with your good thoughts.

By the way, what do you think, what will be the maximum height of the figure this year? You can comment on your predictions and I will be sharing the actual number soon. Stay tuned!

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