Letter from a Married Daughter to her Mother

Hey Mother

I have always been writing letters to you. This letter is not like any of them. This is the first letter after I got married. Mother, today I realize that you were always right! Whatever you used to say was always correct. “You are going to realize my importance” echo’s all day long.  Even though I try to follow all your guidelines, I am not able to be like you. You are an Angel who has always been protecting me from this whole world. You slapped me and you hugged me! Your arms were my hiding space from the universe and your hands were the most soothing therapy. I miss every bit of you. I never tell you that how much I crave for you but let me pour it out today.

  • I still don’t cook food like you do. I copy you and I fail. I am always hungry. My stomach is always looking for the food cooked by you.
  • I dress up like you do. I want to look exactly like you do. I try to find you in the mirror!
  • I get up too early because you are not here to manage everything. But, I am restless the whole day. Please share some magical powers.
  • I am always trying to understand others. No one does the same for me. Please tell them that you have spoiled me in every possible way.
  • If I am tired, I still get up. No one cares the way you used to.
  • I don’t shop for myself. I miss shopping with you. You were so happy to buy me things.
  • I struggle without you! Let me shout and tell the world that you are too too bad! Why did you let me go?

No one can replace you mother! You are and you will always be my “Maa”.

Happiest Birthday!

Your 2nd Daughter!

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