The rationale behind Navratri Fasting

Our greetings to you! Not only for Nine Nights (NavRatri) but for all the days and nights.

Navratri is a religious festival celebrated in India by fasting for nine days. Each day is dedicated to a particular goddess. The rationale for fasting is generally not given importance. I am writing this blog for helping you experience this Navratri with one new element added to it, and that is LOGIC!

Body, mind, and Soul

Did you ever wonder why Navratri is celebrated twice a year, that too at the beginning of summer and winters? It’s because they are the crossroads for a seasonal change. During these times of the year, our body is more prone to fall sick. We should eat easily digestible food to prepare our immune system for the season ahead. Thus eating fruits and abandoning meat, onions etc for these few days can help our digestive system to detoxify our body, mind, and soul.

Breaking the Pattern

Fasting lets us bring a slight change in our eating habits. This is a practice which is hard to adopt but people adopt it with religious beliefs. The divine God brings to them all the happiness and washes away all their worries. Thus, Religion is a way to follow healthy practices but if you know the Scientific reason to follow them, you are on a better path.

Go ahead! Happy Fasting and Happy Navratri!!

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