Know these 7 things before you reach Dubai

In the previous blog, you must have made your mind to visit Dubai. So before you land Dubai you need to know a few things. These are so important that if you don’t have any idea about them then you may find the place boring and too-costly.

I have shared a video of my Dubai Trip on my Youtube page as well. Hope you enjoy watching it.

1. How to commute there?
The most pocket-friendly way to commute in Dubai is Metro or Bus. The Taxi charges are too high. The least amount of money which you will have to pay once you sit in the taxi is 12 dirham’s, even if the meter shows a smaller number. The taxi runs entirely on the meters attached to them. Taxi could be a great option if you plan to move out after 11 P.M. as the metro runs till this time only.
For example; we took a Taxi from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and it took our 250 dirhams. But while going back we opted for a bus and it cost us just 25 dirhams per person.
But, for traveling in a Metro or a bus, you need to get a card. Make sure that you get this card on the first/initial days of your trip. The fare for traveling is much cheaper for the people holding the card.

2. Save on Activities
Once you reach there you may want to go for the desert safari, Burj Khalifa, Ski Dubai and lot more. But, you will have to spend a lot of money on these activities. The best way is to buy a deal/ voucher before-hand. The applications like Groupon, Co-bone and some other are a great sources of saving money.
3. Clothing:
Many people fear that Dubai doesn’t give freedom to the women to dress up as they like. This is completely mistaken. You have complete liberty to dress up the way you like. From bikinis in the beaches to being completely covered in the Grand Mosque.

4. Currency Exchange:
Before you leave for Dubai, you should change the currency from your local areas. You can choose MoneyGram, western union and other platforms for the same. These platforms give much better price than airports or Dubai local market.
5. Visa, Flight and Hotel Bookings:
It is really easy to get the Visa for Dubai. You can check the category in which you fall and then you may pay the fee and apply for the same. For flight and Hotel bookings make sure that you book them online well before in advance. I would suggest you opt for an apartment rather than the Hotel. The Apartment is just like a hotel but with much more freedom and services. You will get everything in one place.
6. Best location to stay:
The best location is always a central location. We chose Bur Dubai (Al- Manar Grand Apartments). You can also choose the same or a similar location.
7. Best things I came across:
While crossing the road as a pedestrian, you will not have to wait for the vehicle to pass by. They will stop for you instead! There are special traffic signals for the pedestrians as well. You may have to walk up to the traffic light and then cross the road. You can’t just randomly cross the road anywhere and anytime.

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