Let’s Plan a Trip to Dubai!!

Dubai, a city where Deserts, Beaches, and Snow prevails. If you have ever been to Dubai then you completely understand what I am saying. But, if you have not visited there then you must plan it at least once. I have come up with a Travel Series covering the whole “Dubai”. It may guide you each and everything about the place. Either it is clothing, food, transportation, communication, activities or anything else, I will be sharing with you a whole bunch of things. You just need one thing, and that is ‘Curiosity’ to know it.

Let me first tell you how it all started, I always wanted to travel to a far-off place. Time and money never were in my favor. At some point in life, you realize that they never will be! You will yourself have to get up and start planning a trip. That is exactly what I did. I could have taken a travel package from some best known “travel agencies” but that was too easy for me. Something struck my mind and I followed it. I Planned the Trip myself. I didn’t know even a bit about Dubai and here I am writing this travel series to help you plan it yourself. Because when you plan it on your own, then you own it too. In short, you are your own travel guide. So let’s not waste time and start planning.

What you need?

  • A Pen
  • A notepad
  • UAE (Dubai) Map
  • Internet-connected Cell phone/ Desktop/Laptop (You may use a cell phone notepad but holding a pen is what I prefer. It actually make you feel proud and confident)
  • Excitement
  • Not to forget: Money (I will help you save a lot of it, you may learn from my mistakes and plan a budget travel)

That is it!! I am sure you have all of these things. So, let’s move to the next blog to check what all things you need to know before you land up Dubai. The series will tell you everything about Visa, Passport, hotels, Rules and some hidden secrets too….

If you need content for your blog, then you may contact us.

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