Honey is a sweet replacement to Tea!

You might be too busy sipping your Tea while reading this post. Winter is approaching and the love for tea is about to multiply. The following write-up is for those, who are trying hard to reduce the tea intake. I highly recommend you to take care of your health. This is the most precious gift which God has given us. We tend to ignore it every time we consume something unhealthy. But, this is really bad on our part. I don’t say that Tea is unhealthy; neither did Isay that honey is the healthiest drink. But, excess and lack of anything is bad.      

This is my personal experiment which I will be sharing with you. Few days ago, I figured out that my tummy was bulging out. The tires were clearly visible in the tight-skinned dress I was wearing. All I could sense was the impact of increased tea intake in my daily routine. The day was hectic and I didn’t have the energy to look out for an alternative.

The story was the same, I saw myself sitting on the couch and sipping the Tea again while watching TV. With every sip, my psychology was gaining back energy, without realizing that the energy was just psychological.

Finally the good thing happened; I came across Dabur honey advertisement. The advertisement suggested the viewer to intake honey in the warm water early morning. I did the same for 1 week. OMG! It helped! I don’t know the scientific or research-based implications for the same. Nor, I want to know now. Finally, my about-to-get flat tummy is ready to wear my favorite pink dress. It’s not about the brand of honey you are taking. The more important is the product “Honey”. You may try fresh honey which is generally available around the countryside.

This was a real anecdote. If you are looking for a similar content feel free to contact us.

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