Not only Queen, Content is a Drama Queen !

Drama Queen? Really? Yes!

The spice and catch in a written text define its readability and popularity.  If the content is written as a plain and direct matter then it might not interest the reader. Readers are too fun-loving these days, they need something out-of-the-box or maybe something inside the box or in the last case they might need the whole box! Don’t underestimate the abilities of a reader. Readers are the democratic citizens of the content society. They give power and weight to the sentences just by reading them.

When the readers turn out to be a demanding audience then Content becomes a performer. The content plays the role of a “Drama Queen”. How? Have you ever heard of literary devices which all the authors use in their writings? These are like road trips, which can add liveliness to the life. Or we can compare them to a festival like Christmas which adds a flavor to our routine life. Who doesn’t like happenings? The twist and twirl added to a write up with the help of these literary devices make it catchy and interesting. They have the deeper meaning and add many flavors to the simple text.

The reader as an audience has to be able to understand the depth of the drama (literal meaning). When the unfolding of the deeper meanings take place, the drama (content) becomes famous. The wisdom of your reader and the performance of the drama queen make everything possible in the world of words.

Let me give you a simple example of few literary usages:

We are so much into writing that we breathe in the world of words! So, if you are ready to dig deep down and draft drama then we can talk. Do you know how Content is the Queen?

If you Need Content for your blog then we are happy to assist you 😊

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