Because Content is the Queen and not the King!

Content is not the King, it’s the Queen which has the power to protect the King as well!

Most of the organizations are focused on generating unique, creative and fresh content. Why? Because they understand the importance of content to grow their business.

No one is reading blogs/articles to know about your product/service. Why would someone be too interested in your profile unless you really own a big brand? The human mind is thirsty for information. If your content is adding something to the reader’s knowledge or experience then it is worth it! Am I sounding too direct? I might be, but this is the logical reality which has been ignored by people.

Let me give you a traditional example; ask yourself? Why people read newspapers, magazines or novels? Either they want to gain some knowledge or want to gain wonderful experiences.

Should it contain extravagant vocabulary?

Many people often misinterpret the art of writing content. They fail to acknowledge the need for writing. Every write-up is done so as to make it easily understandable and the reader should feel a connection with it. You should infuse your text with a high-level vocabulary only if your target audience understands it. Else, no one is going to search dictionary to understand it. Who is too idle in this busy world?

Should there be excitement in the content?

Yes, the content has to be exciting and lively. The reader should be really enthusiastic to read it further.

What should be the word limit of your content?

Aren’t long posts too boring? Yes, they are, until and unless they are introductory or explainable in nature. Fixing the word limit is not an ethical way in writing. It could be a 300 or a 3000-word article. It’s just that the objective of the article should be achieved.

Taking it forward, Not only Queen, Content is a Drama Queen!


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